After local beer companies tried SINOTRUK light truck,they found out this product with reliable quality and high cost performance, they are replacing the Japanese light truck with SINOTRUK light truck.
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As an regular customer of SINOTRUK, the largest cement company in The Republic of Congo uses SINOTRUK trucks for raw material transportation.
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The largest cement company in The Republic of Congo purchased SINOTRUK tractors in bulk for cement transportation.
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According to local grain company customer's requirements, SINOTRUK specially designed grain transport dump semi-trailer with good sealing performance and high load capacity, which can be lifted without tractor.
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With the advantages of high quality and high load capacity, SINOTRUK dump truck has a high market share in local market and has made great contribution to the construction of The Republic of Congo.
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The largest log company in northern The Republic of Congo is purchasing SINOTRUK LOG trucks in bulk and realize the LOG self transportation.
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High cost performance HOWO tractor is the first choice of local transportation companies. This product is economical and practical, and favored by local customers.
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SINOTRUK light refrigerated trucks purchased by the largest drinking water company in The Republic of Congo are used for bottled water transportation. These trucks gain high praise from the customer and has been sold out for batches.
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